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Indian patent office is trying their best to make filing process as user-friendly as possible. Now, An Inventor can also file Provisional Patent Application without following any scientific rules and regulations. Intellectual Property Office of India gives us an online tool to eFile Patent Applications easily and effectively. In this post, I will explain "How to file provisional patent applications in India"

According to Section 9 of Indian Patent Act 1970, There exist two types of patent specifications:
1. Provisional Patent Specifications.
2. Complete Patent Specifications (Non-Provisional according to USPTO)

These are the basic applications that can be filed in Indian patent office.A complete specification must be filed within 12 months of filing provisional patent specifications. You can also read our previous post to grasp information about types of patent applications in India.

In this post, I am going to explain about "Patentability of Software Inventions in India". It is a long battle in the plethora of information of which you find very hard to understand and implement. Different websites have different opinions. But In this post, you will find the exact rules and regulations implemented on Software Patents by Indian Intellectual Property Law and Indian Patent Act, 1970 and also research based facts present on "Internet Repository".

Section 3 of Indian patent act, 1970 tells you about "What are not inventions". In point number "k", you can see

(k) a mathematical or business method or a computer programme per se or algorithms;

is not eligible to get a patent in India.

What does the line "Computer Programme per se or algorithms" means?

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Are you an inventor and want to file a patent for your invention then this post is for you.Before moving forward you must know the "Types of patent applications in India".
According to " Section 7,54 and 135 of Patent Act 1970" , There are basically 5 types of patent applications which are:

1. Convention Applications.

Convention applications are the patent applications made in convention countries. According to section 133 of Patent Act 1970, India is a part of Paris Convention and WTO Agreement.Besides this, India is also a part of Paris         Co-operation and Budapest Treaty.

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Service tax rules for bloggers, freelancers and digital entrepreneurs.
Are you a blogger and generating a huge income through your blog then you will definitely know what I am going to explain in this informative article. 

In this post, I will explain you the service tax from basics and  you will be able to know how you can save service tax by using some special terms in the Service Tax Act Rules.

Patent Agent/Attorney is the most respectful profession just like Doctor, Engineer etc. So, You have to carefully call any Registered Patent Agent/Attorney because they are very busy personalities engaging in their previous Client works. It could be understood as "If you are visiting a doctor you have to take an appointment for a checkup."

USPTO Patents and their types.
In this information Article, I will explain about USPTO patent and their types. 

So, Let start with Basics of Patent.

What is Patent

A patent is a legal document or you can say that a license that is given to an owner of the invention which prevents their invention from cyber thefts, online frauds and other types of online risks. It is said to be Intellectual Property Right which is given to the inventor of the invention. Only government can give Intellectual property rights to the inventor or the agents assigned on behalf of an owner of the Invention. Also, an Individual can file his/her own patent but it is advisable to take some assistance in order to avoid future risks of patent infringement.
Step by Step Tutorial to get a work Copyright in India.
1. Open and click on the link that is shown in pic

Copyright Law in India

Copyright Law is mentioned in the INDIAN COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957. This act extends to the whole of India. In India, there is a lack of awareness among individuals regarding copyright law. Copyright law is applicable to the six works mentioned below: