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Copyright Law and FAQ.

Copyright Law in India

Copyright Law is mentioned in the INDIAN COPYRIGHT ACT, 1957. This act extends to the whole of India. In India, there is a lack of awareness among individuals regarding copyright law. Copyright law is applicable to the six works mentioned below:

                     1. Literary Work.

                     2. Dramatic Work.

                     3. Musical Work.

                     4. Artistic Work.

                     5. Cinematograph films.

                     6. Sound Recordings.

Basically, Copyright provides minimum rights of safeguards.

Detail Description of the work

1. Artistic Work

 An artistic work is a work which includes:

               a. Architecture work.

               b. Artistic Craftsman Work.

               c. Painting


              e. Drawing ( for eg. diagram, maps, chart, plan)

              f. Engravings.

              g. Photographs

 or any other work which includes Artistic Quality.

2. Musical Work

It includes any graphical presentations of such works which includes any sound. It is not suggested to write down the music for copyright purposes.

3. Cinematograph Work

It includes the  production of moving images accompany with sound for eg. Video Films. This moving images can be produced by any means

4. Government Work
Government work is the work that is produced/published under the direction of  government, legislature, judiciary authority, court or any tribunal in India.

5. Indian Work
An Indian Work is a kind of work that is produced by an Indian citizen, first produced/published in India, author of the work is Indian Citizen if the work is unpublished work at the time of making the work.

Some Questionnaires Regarding Copyright Law

Q1. Are you the owner of copyright if you produced it?

Ans: Yes, Author is the first owner of  copyright in a work.

Q2. Who is an Author?

a. In the case of Literary/Dramatic Work: Person who creates it is an author.

b. In Musical Work: Composer

c. In Cinematography work: Producer

d. In photograph work: photographer

Q3. How to copyright my work in India.?

Ans: If you are author of work then you can apply in two ways
1. Online
The application for copyright can be filed online through "E-filing facility"
provided by

2. Offline
The offline application for registration of copyright is accepted at the copyright office between 2:30 pm to 4:30pm GMT

Q4. What is the fee for filing a copyright in India.

Ans. Please check the fee details in the table given below:

Q5. How to copyright my website?

Ans: If your website is text based only then you have to file a single application. But if your website is containing different-different work then you have to file separate applications for the separate work.

For eg.If your website contains photography work then you have to copyright a separate application for that image.

Q6. How long  to wait to get your work copyright protected?

Ans.  2-3 months

A.)30 days for No Objection Period

If objection is found then

B.)1 month to decide whether the work can be registered by registrar office by hearing the matter from  both parties.

C.)If no objection is found then application
goes to the scrutiny of examiners. If any discrepancy is found then another 30 days is given to remove the same.



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How to Copyright a work in India?


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