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5 things to expect before calling a Patent Agent or Attorney in India.

Patent attorneys or agents are also doctors of new invention and it is a long job to get your patent done. Patent prior search is also a very long process. Patent Agents are Engineers and/or science graduates, and Patent Attorney are Engineers+Lawyer by profession. They have combined knowledge of technology as well as legal boundaries behind that profession.

It could be understood as:
You have a new idea and you want to get it patented. But, What happens if your idea has been previously patented by some giant firms/companies which can easily sue you for the Patent Infringement Case. Therefore, Patent Prior search is a very important step in patenting an idea.

In my previous posts, I had explained about various Types of patents.Now, I am explaining certain things that you need to know before calling a patent agent or attorney.
Things you need to know before calling a Patent Agent/Attorney:

1. Patent agents and Attorney time is valuable. Therefore, Take an appointment before calling a Patent Agent or Attorney.

2. Be ready to accept the questionaries about your product/idea.

3. It is advisable to read the basics of patent before visiting the patent attorney/agents as they don't like willy-nilly decisions.

4. Respect the advice given by patent agent and attorney as they are bound by their bar to give you right decision.

5. If you insist to sign NDA then there is no problem

It is very difficult for inventors to completely understand the industrial point of view completely. It is very easy for a con to amalgamate you in conversation and they can use their social engineering skills to promising you and to get the patent search as soon as possible. But at last, they will never remain on their promises.

Have you ever see a reputed lawyer taking calls of their clients and converse in the very relaxing mood. It's not possible. And Even a reputed doctor has some consultation fee just for a single visit. Patent Attorneys are a much-reputed profession and you can't expect a free consultation as they are very busy in their work schedule.

This post is for information purpose only and does not constitute any legal advice or suggestion. I am not responsible for any action taken by you after reading this post.